Job announcement

CHIP MONG GROUP LTD was established since 1982. We import and supply Construction Materials and Consumer Products such as Camel Portland Cement, V Bar Structure Steels, CMC Ceramic Tiles, CMC - Concrete, Hanami Snack, Healthy Chef, Mali Sweetened Milk condensed and Cambodia Beer.

NoJob TitleLocationClosing Date
1Quality Controller - Phnom Penh, Kampot & Preah Sihanouk villePhnom Penh, Kampot, Kampongsom31-Oct-2017
2Officer - Account Payable Phnom Penh31-Oct-2017
3Recruitment OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
4 ArchitectPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
5Officer - CollectionPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
6Quantity Survey Supervisor Phnom Penh31-Oct-2017
7Human Resources & Administrative ManagerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
8Quantity SurveyorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
9Finishing SupervisorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
10Procurement SupervisorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
11Construction ManagerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
12Sales Representative - K. Cham, S. Reap, Battambang, Preah Sihanouk villeK. Cham, S. Reap, Battambang, Preah Sihanouk ville31-Oct-2017
13Security Administrative OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
14Compensation & Benefits OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
15Legal OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
16Sales Executive - SteelPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
17Software DeveloperPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
18Slump TechnicianPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
19Technical Sales ExecutivePhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
20Laboratory Technician - ConcretePhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
21Personal Driver - English SpeakingPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
22Regional Sales Manager Phnom Penh31-Oct-2017
23Secretary to Chairlady - Chinese SpeakingPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
24Marketing Supervisor - SteelPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
25Investment Analysis & Business Planning ManagerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
26General Manager - Swine Feed Mill & FarmsPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
27Project Sales ExecutivePhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
28Structure EngineerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
29Sales Executive - Property DevelopmentPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
30General Administrative SupervisorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
31MEP Design EngineerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
32MEP Site EngineerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
33Marketing SupervisorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
34Marketing OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
35Accounting OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
36Contract CoordinatorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
37Public Relation SpecialistPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
38Finishing EngineerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
39MEP SupervisorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
40Planning EngineerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
41Safety OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
42Senior SurveyorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
43Site Administrative OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
44Site EngineerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
45Site ManagerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
46Warehouse OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
47Business Intelligent & Supports (BI & S) ManagerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
48Line OperatorKandal31-Oct-2017
49Sales & Marketing Manager - Property ManagementPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
50Procurement ManagerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
51Call Center SupportPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
52Infrastructure EngineerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
53Project ManagerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
54Service OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
55Senior Warehouse OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
56SurveyorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
57Procurement OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
58Senior Reporting & Controlling OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
59Laboratory Officer - ConcretePhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
60Recruitment ExecutivePhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
61Accounting Principle SupervisorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
62Inventory SupervisorKandal31-Oct-2017
63QA & QC EngineerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
64Secretary to CEOPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
65Welfare Administrative OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
66Senior Audit OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
67Shift Line SupervisorKandal31-Oct-2017
68Property OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
69Marketing Officer - Property ManagementPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
70Social Media CoordinatorPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
71Assistant to General ManagerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
72Account Receivable OfficerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
73Sales EngineerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
74Technical ManagerPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017
75Executive ParalegalPhnom Penh31-Oct-2017